1. ULTRA FOUNT: ULTRA FOUNT Is standard highly concentrated fountain solution prepared for traditional dampning / brush dampning systems in coldest web press. It works equally good with almost all ink for cold web press. Very good wetting properties reduces water flow in dampning tray ensuresminimum dosing.

2. ULTRA FOUNT H: ULTRA FOUNT H is specially formulated fountain solution for cold-set web presses with brush or spray dampening systems. Specially designed solution adjusts with hard water as well as normal water at optimum dosage level.

3. ULTRA FOUNT SF H: ULTRA FOUNT SF H is prepared to play with all types of plates such as PS / CTP for sheetfed press. Low foaming fountain solution concentrate designed to run effectively in sheet fed offset presses with alcohol combined dampening systems.

4. NUCLEOUS FOUNT: NUCLEOUS FOUNT is premium, hi-performance fountain solution concentrate for high speed web offset presses with any kind of dampening systems. This one runs with command in high speed web press limits up to 45000 impressions in hour.

5. MAGNUM FOUNT: MAGNUM FOUNT is a specially designed fountain solution concentrate containing specialty wetting agents for high-speed heat-set printing machines with circulating dampening systems. It removes additional dosing of alcohol. Combination fount for alcohol dampning systems.

6. MAGNUM FOUNT–XL: MAGNUM FOUNT–XL is a premium, plate safe, low foaming fountain solution concentrate designed for sheet fed offset presses with alcohol and integrated dampening systems.

7. ECOMATE FOUNT: ECOMATE FOUNT is a buffered fountain solution specially formulated for use in mini sheetfed presses, helps to reduce startup wastage.

1. MULTI WASH: MULTI WASH is a high-end, low odor machine, blanket & roller wash with medium drying and water miscible property. Ensures fine cleaning of all rubber parts as well as machine parts.

2. ECOMATE WASH: ECOMATE WASH is a low odor, general purpose water miscible wash for all parts of the machines. Removes all dirt’s, ink radicals, calcium dust from parts very easily.

3. SUPER WASH: SUPER WASH is a specially designed zero aromatic wash for blanket and rollers. Extends shelf life of machine – rubber parts.

4. EMUL WASH XL: EMUL WASH XL is a general-purpose, water miscible blanket and roller wash.

5. PLATE CLEAN GP: PLATE CLEAN GP is a general-purpose plate cleaning concentrate and conditioner suitable for all types of plates. Added conditioners Extends run life of plates.

6. SCUM REMOVER: SCUM REMOVER is a general-purpose emulsion which removes scum and ink particle very easily.

1. MULTI GUM: MULTI GUM is a premium, natural gum arabic solution for all plate types. Easily dispersible in water. Extended shelf life.

2. KEEP GUM L: KEEP GUM L is a high-quality, general-purpose desensitizing gum concentrates. Suitable with almost al type of plates.

3. GUM UNIX: GUM UNIX is a premium storage gum for long duration plate preservation

4. MACHINE ALL ADDITIVE: MACHINE ALL ADDITIVE is a specially formulated additive to micro cleans the system.

5. DAMP ALL ADDITIVE: DAMP ALL ADDITIVE is a concentrated additive solution to enhance the effectiveness DAMPNING SYSTEM.

6. TANK K: TANK K, this one micro cleans fount tank and tray, removes bacteria and enhances the shelf life of fountain solution.